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A safe coworking space to work. Think about it!

A safe coworking space to work. Think about it!


Thinking about a safe place to work is part of your routine when it comes to choose a coworking space? We are located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and unfortunately we have to think about it all the time.

So we list a few procedures that, if taken together, may help you evaluate whether or not you work in a safety coworking space.

First you have to think about the location. In short, it is easier to change neighborhoods than to change the neighborhood itself, right? So the closest of train and subway, diversity of bus lines and traffic routes surely will help the arrival and departure of employees and customers — especially in a huge city with an estimated population of 12 million people.

So the location should facilitate the daily basis of employees and visitors. Consequently, restaurants, banks, hotels and local commerce with several options should be quite close as well.

Commercial buildings that hosts safe coworking offices should not have “attractions” like ATMs. Because it probably would minimize an eventual robbery. 

It would also be cool to have a concierge and 24-hour access to co-workers.

And finally, but not less important, it is necessary to manage access control and only allow properly identified people. With a contract to access the building that can prove the person really works there. This could reduce the risk of a coworker staying in the office with unknown people, who rented a position for one day only. It is always better to avoid than remediate.

A safe coworking office at Vila Olímpia, São Paulo

By choosing to work at a great location can facilitate doing business. And also the visibility of a given company in the market. Lots of banks, law firms, consultants and startups have chosen the Itaim Bibi district, for instance.

The Itaim Bibi district is composed of another, called Vila Olímpia, and grew vertiginously due to the security issues and commercial opportunities. The sharing economy is a new wave that is changing behaviors. This trend allows small and medium-sized businesses to rent a coworking office with zero investment and no bureaucracy at all.

Think about all these issues when choosing the location of your new office.


Laura Lopes

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